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We are extremely excited to announce Eddie Hall, as our new brand ambassador. As a professional strongman, Hall has been involved in sports from a young age as a national swimming champion, before turning to body building and strength training. As his role as ambassador, Hall will be hoping to inspire others to get into what is a growing popular style of training and share his wisdom and experiance on to others.


UK's Strongest Man Teams Up With Pulse Fitness Group


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We  expertly  create  innovative  solutions and  stylish  environments  that  inspire, engage,  inform,  entertain  and  motivate users  of  all  ages  and  abilities.

Continually keeping  our  equipment  one  step ahead  through  constant research  and development,  our  in-house  design  team responds  rapidly  to  market  changes  to bring  you  technologically  advanced, ergonomic,  inclusive and environmentally friendly  solutions,  with  truly  outstanding performance  and  style.

Our  show case of  products  and  solutions  we  believe will  inspire  leisure  operators  to  pledge a  commitment  to  join  us  in  creating  a healthier  future  worldwide. Join our goal in making the world a better and healthier place.

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Everything’s worked out perfectly;

Our expertly designed  fitness collection

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by all ability levels.


Keeping hearts pumping and minds

active at the same time, our energy-

efficient, ultra-reliable range combines

the most advanced thinking with

designs which are built to last.


Wonderfully intelligent, intuitive

and interactive software which will

keep your members entertained,

engaged and motivated to return.

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Why pulse?

BUILT to perform

A wealth of experience delivering core services such as the supply and service of innovative, environmentally friendly fitness equipment,  with design & layouts. Pulse Fitness Equipment is designed to perform and guarantee the satisfaction of its users. 

durable long lasting performance

Extensive research and development, premium materials and precision engineering provide uncompromising durability.


Integrated with PulseMove Professional and PulseMove Tracker, users can access personal training information and safe exercise guidance along with personalized user settings and weight repetitions. 


The extraordinary versatility of Pulse Fitness equipment accessories allows users to rotate, adjust and move seamlessly through multiple exercises. The unique and efficient design which incorporates advanced handicap accessible and rotational elements offers unrivaled ergonomics that provide a total strength training program for a range of users on all machines.

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Client Testimonials

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is proud to announce the successful renovation and completion of a public fitness facility space in our city of Everett, Massachusetts. Steve Supino worked with Pulse Fitness Group USA, Professional Fitness Equipment consultants, on this project. Pulse provided their services from the onset, right through to the delivery and installation of the fitness equipment. Pulse worked with Steve on an initial overview of the building space as well as providing a selection of commercial equipment for Steve to choose from. With keeping in mind the needs of the community members, Mr. Supino reviewed and finalized both the facility layout and the selection of equipment with Pulse Fitness Group USA. Pulse Fitness Group USA, thank you for all of your work and the great success this fitness facility has brought to our city of Everett.

City of Everett

Dear Pulse Fitness Group USA,

On behalf of the students and staff at the Boston Higashi School I want to thank you for its incredible donation of 10 Matrix Treadmills and 2 Precor Ellipticals to outfit our fitness center. Your total donation was valued at $28,190.00 of which we paid $10,850.00, leading to an incredible savings of $17,340.00 for the school. What was not uncluded in the savings was the amount of your own time it took to make this happen. With multiple trips to the schools, along with multiple phone calls and e-mails, your personal contribution to this project was priceless. We are extremely grateful!

Boston Higashi School

I am pleased to recommend Pulse Fitness Group with pride. The staff is attentive and was very helpful in my recent endeavor.

Recently my team and I ordered treadmills from Pulse Fitness. They were used in a workout DVD that will circulate throughout the United States in the upcoming winter. Teaming up with you and featuring your products is a great plan and will greatly impact the success of both our sales.

Thank you for your service. I will continue to speak highly of your company and staff. I look forward to further developing our business relationship. I appreciate you accommodating my unique need for the DVD shoot and I look forward to watching the success that comes from it for both of us.

I will recommend Pulse Fitness Group usa with enthusiasm and will continue to do business with you as often as possible.

Urban Group

What You Get

When you team up or purchase from Pulse Fitness Group USA we make you our first priority. Client satisfaction is our main goal and we go above and beyond to gain and maintain our customer relationships.

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